Month: April 2021

Sun in Taurus Ingress on 4/19

Taurus season is the ultimate time for self-care. With Venus and Mercury present in this sensual earth sign as well, you may find creative new ways of  enjoying your relationships and physicality, or have new ideas about how to luxuriate in earthly delights. Taste the fruit, smell the flowers and try that new beauty routine or ritual bath this month. I guarantee you’ll feel even more vital in the process! The added bonus: this month, your delight actually helps you build the long-term structures that support your expanding authenticity, so there’s no excuse not to enjoy now!

New Moon in Aries 4/11/21

New moon in Aries is invigorating and can be a great time to start new endeavors to do with your physical body or self-expression. There’s a lot of energy on the move, as Mars and Mercury support bringing thought to action in this time. Take advantage of this lunation for an assist in tying up loose ends tonight and in the next couple days, so you can give your full energy to new beginnings once the crescent moon comes into view. 

April 2021 Forecast

Throughout the month of April the planets offer us access to fixed energy, supporting our work toward fulfilling commitments and integrating new viewpoints that were reflected to us in Venus’s mirror throughout March. Transformative change can be uncomfortable regardless of the scale it takes, and the cycles at play speak to internal conflict we may feel in aligning our sense of identity and outward actions to the ever-evolving landscape of our truest selves.