New Moon in Aries 4/11/21

New moon in Aries is invigorating and can be a great time to start new endeavors to do with your physical body or self-expression. There’s a lot of energy on the move, as Mars and Mercury support bringing thought to action in this time. Take advantage of this lunation for an assist in tying up loose ends tonight and in the next couple days, so you can give your full energy to new beginnings once the crescent moon comes into view. 

While it’s fantastic to be inspired and effective, you may also feel drained, as Mars’ recent square with Neptune reminds us that a natural consequence of investing more and more energy into one (or likely, many!) areas of our lives is the dispersal of our resources toward diffuse commitments that continue to draw upon us. Consider ways you might engage physically and relationally to help you feel most yourself and remember to tend personal sectors of your life that are often put on hold when intellectual or professional capacity are expanding. This may include spending time with aspects of your own femininity or female community that you’ve been out of touch with, or considering how you can upgrade connection or enjoyment of your body, the earth, or your relationships during this lunar cycle as Venus enters Taurus. 

Natural Assistance: Carnelian and citrine can help you align with the assertive energy of this lunation to channel authentic and creative energy into manifest action. Obsidian or topaz will help ground you into stiller places and moderate the pace when things get too fiery. If you’re working with herbs, try integrating lemon, verbena or clary sage for soothing, clarifying, astringent and cleansing effects to help temper the hot, drying and diffusive energetics of this new moon.