Private natal chart readings are now available!

Explore your birth chart with me for insights into the energies shaping your life experience. Astrology can show us the pathways and tendencies that come most naturally to us, elucidate areas of tension, and shed light on innate gifts and challenges. It is an incredible and ancient system of interpreting symbolism present in nature, and has the potential to elevate our self awareness and sense of purpose. Whether you are seeking personal growth, a glimpse into lifecycle themes you are working with on earth, or insight into a specific topic or dynamic at play, looking through the lens of the wandering stars can provide a deep and resonant framework for connecting with your Most Self.

Together we will examine your Ascendant, moon, chart ruler, and other essential planets, garnering invaluable access to the shape and tone of your personality, temperament, interactions, life direction, and major long- and short-term cycles of note to your personal and professional development. No topic is off-limits when it comes to what the stars have to say!

Availability: Readings are currently offered on Friday and Saturday afternoons, with occasional weekday availability as my schedule permits. As of Spring 2021, soonest appointments are generally within 3-6 weeks.


  • Approx. 60 min
  • Conducted remotely
  • Includes digital image of your birth chart and digital audio recording of your reading (cassette tape recording may be available upon request for a nominal additional fee)

20% discount available to my previous tattoo clients for their first reading. Please mention if I have tattooed you in your inquiry to take advantage of this initial offering!

My Journey as an Astrologer:

The wandering stars provide enough information about earthly events to merit a lifetime of devoted study. As an eighth-year student in this system of the symbolic interpretation of nature, I have hundreds of hours invested in chart analysis and practicum. My practice is built on the theoretical framework of traditional astrology, utilizing techniques and principles of analysis that date back to ancient Babylon and Persia. I am currently studying Helenistic timing techniques and astrological magic with Austin Coppock, and astrological counseling strategies under Kelly Surtees. I am also currently the resident astrologer for MazzHanna, a crystal healing lifestyle brand based out of Southern California.

Monthly Forecasts:

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