April 2021 Forecast

Throughout the month of April the planets offer us access to fixed energy, supporting our work toward fulfilling commitments and integrating new viewpoints that were reflected to us in Venus’s mirror throughout March. Transformative change can be uncomfortable regardless of the scale it takes, and the cycles at play speak to internal conflict we may feel in aligning our sense of identity and outward actions to the ever-evolving landscape of our truest selves.

Your attention may be drawn to initiating something physical or invigorating in the first half of the month, though your thoughts could get heated, so try to stay centered and temper your enthusiasm. From the fifteenth on, we begin to ground into physical enjoyment, steadily working to manifest our updated internal alignments in the material world as the personal planets assemble in Taurus. 

The lunations this month emphasize the importance of being intentional about our energetic investments: The new moon on the 11thasks us to reassess how far our resources can actually go before we double down on working to fulfill our commitments. This may prove especially important as the full moon in Scorpio on 4/26 is likely to highlight just how much those commitments may require of us. Being all-in on something can be exhausting, so pay attention to energy management. Get realistic about how much you truly care, so when the time comes you have the energetic capital to support what’s most important to you. It may take more than you initially realized, but the rewards of making yourself available for who or what matters most may run deeper than your wildest imaginings!

Days to Remember:

4/2: Power behind your words or access to powerful ideas

4/6: Charisma, Creativity, flirtation

4/9: Anger with no clear source

4/11: Good for signing contracts or concretizing your thoughts on a structural upgrade that meets individual needs more humanely

4/12: New Moon in Aries, start a new physical endeavor or consider an upgrade to your self expression!

4/14: Feminine flow and material enjoyment

4/16: Conflict with Power in the system

4/19: Emphasis on physical stability and working toward a goal

4/24: Insights, Innovation & emotional restlessness

4/25: structural upgrades, especially in relationship communications or creative pursuits

4/26: Intense full moon in Scorpio lights up intimate matters beneath the surface

4/30: Sleepy thinking, trouble communicating, intuitive information