Tattoo Booking & FAQ


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Booking Waitlist:

Thanks so much for your interest in getting tattooed by me! Please use the form below to submit your inquiry.

Typical wait times:

  • Flash & Intuited Tattoos: 4-8 weeks
  • Custom (bespoke) tattoos: 4-6 months

Please consider my current areas of focus (below); availability is limited and I am not able to accommodate all requests. (Follow links for more info/ galleries of tattoos in these styles).

Projects I am not currently focusing on :

  • Photorealism, realism, outline-only or delicate tattoos
  • large scale botanicals
  • lettering consisting of more than 4 words
  • watercolor tattoos
  • reproductions of art by living artists, or of paintings without black linework (ie: most impressionism/ something you found on pinterest, etc)
  • copies of other artists’ tattoos or flash

If you have other questions or need pricing info, please see the FAQ below for more info. 

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>>> Q: Where Are you located?

A: I work at Eastern Pass Tattoo Co. in the Passyunk neighborhood of South Philadelphia. Our address is:

1625 East Passyunk Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19148

Ph. 267-606-6567

>>> Q: Do you work on weekends?

A: No.

>>> Q: What are the studio’s Covid-19 policies and precautions?

A: As always, we follow universal precautions to maintain a safe and sterile environment for your tattoo. In addition to daily cleaning and adherence to all standard bloodborne pathogens protocols:

  • High contact surfaces are cleaned and disinfected multiple times a day
  • We run a NASA-grade HEPA air purifier utilizing ozone and UV sterilization to cleanse and recirculate interior air.
  • Masking is requested in the studio, even for vaccinated persons
  • Occupancy is limited and guests are discouraged
  • Clients and artists are asked to reschedule if they are experiencing sypmtoms of covid-19 or other illness

Please do not plan to get tattooed within two weeks of receiving a vaccination or booster.

>>> Q: When will I see a drawing or sketch/ when will I meet you?

A: I do not offer drawing consultations or send out artwork ahead of appointments. You will see a line drawing of your design at your tattoo appointment and there will be time to make minor adjustments if needed. If a complete re-draw is needed you may be asked to leave a new deposit (but this is incredibly rare!!). Please include all important info about your tattoo idea when you submit your booking inquiry, as this is what I use to design your tattoo!

For very complex pieces and/or coverups, I may reach out to schedule a preliminary consultation in advance, as needed. For most single sitting tattoos I find a consultation is not necessary. I will email you for clarification if I have any questions about your concept.

If you are not comfortable getting tattooed without meeting me or seeing the artwork before your appointment, I recommend considering another artist who guarantees those services.

>>>Q: How will a tattoo look on my skin tone?

A: Beautiful! Follow the gallery links at the top of this page to see examples of my tattoos, or check out more of my work specifically on melanated skin here. 🖤

>>> Q: Are you currently considering full coverage sleeves and other large projects? 

A: No. Please keep tattoo requests 10” or smaller in any dimension. I may work with you on building American traditional or similar *patchwork* style sleeves (or torso/leg compositions) but am not taking on any continuous/full-coverage sleeves etc.

>>> Q: Do you take appointments for small tattoos? Do you do walk-ins?

A: I do take appointments for small tattoos. Please be advised that my appointment minimum is $300. If you are getting a very small tattoo (under 4″) it may be quicker and less expensive to come as a walk-in. We accept small tattoos for walk-ins seven days a week at Eastern Pass Tattoo Co., as availability allows. Please call the studio at 267-606-6567 and listen to our full outgoing message for details on our walkin policies.

>>> Q: Do you take bookings or give price quotes via Instagram DMs? 

A: No. Please use the contact form above to ensure you are providing all of the info I need in order to consider and schedule your tattoo.

>>>Q: What do you charge?

A: My appointment minimum is $300 and pricing goes up from there. Single sitting tattoos between 3×5 to 5×7 inches in size are usually priced in the $350-600 range, depending on final size, placement, and complexity. Multi-session pieces are billed hourly at $200 per hour with a two hour minimum per session.

My minimum for intuited tattoos is $500 for the first session including live drawing time, interpretation, consultation, and tattooing. If needed, subsequent sessions for intuited tattoos are billed hourly with a two hour minimum per session.