Tattoo Booking & FAQ


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Booking Waitlist:

Thank you so much for your interest in working with me on a tattoo! Booking is currently paused. Please follow my Instagram account for updates in my stories about when I am offering walkin flash days or appointments to fill cancellations. If you have additional questions, there is an FAQ below for more info. 


>>> Q: Where Are you located?

A: I work at Eastern Pass Tattoo Co. in the Passyunk neighborhood of South Philadelphia. Our new address is:

1625 East Passyunk Avenue, Philadelphia 

Ph. 267-606-6567

>>> Q: Do you work on weekends?

A: No.

>>> Q: When will I see a drawing or sketch/ when will I meet you?

A: I do not offer drawing consultations or send out artwork ahead of time. You will see a line drawing of your design at your tattoo appointment and there will be time to make minor adjustments if needed. Please include all important info about your tattoo idea when you submit your booking inquiry, as this is what I use to design your tattoo!

For very complex pieces and/or coverups, I may reach out to schedule a preliminary consultation in advance, as needed. For most single session tattoos I find a consultation is not necessary. I will email you for clarification if I have any questions about your concept.

If you are not comfortable getting tattooed without meeting me or seeing the artwork before your appointment, I recommend considering another artist who guarantees those services.

>>> Q: Can I get tattooed with my friend/family member or bring a guest?

A: In order to reduce occupancy in the studio, please come to your appointment alone. You may still be able to book your appointment on the same day as a friend or family member; to do so you will each need to email me (and/or another artist at the shop) individually via the booking form above. Please indicate the name of the person you would like to book on the same day as, and what days/times of day you are both generally available.

>>> Q: Are you currently considering sleeves and other large projects? 

A: No. Please keep tattoo requests 10” or smaller in any dimension. I will work with you on building American traditional or similar *patchwork* style sleeves (or torso/leg compositions) but am not taking on any continuous/full-coverage sleeves etc.

>>> Q: Do you take appointments for small tattoos? Do you do walk-ins?

A: Due to extended wait times, I am not generally scheduling appointments for tattoos under four inches in size. We do accept small tattoos as walk-ins at Eastern Pass Tattoo Co., as availability allows. Please call the studio at 267-606-6567 and listen to our full outgoing message for details on our walkin procedures.

>>> Q: Do you take bookings or give price quotes via Instagram DMs? 

A: No. Please use the contact form above to ensure you are providing all of the info I need in order to consider and schedule your tattoo.

>>>Q: What are your favorite kinds of projects to work on?

A: Always mystical blackwork and traditional flash top the list for me! Some of my other top priorities for new projects include:

  • my original flash and paintings, especially the newest metaphysical series I am beginning to share! They are meant to bring forth archetypal iconography I have sensed in the collective energetics of our ongoing ephemeral moment. It is my great honor and pleasure every time I get to tattoo one of these works meant to be shared!
  • Increased (priority) booking access for Black/Indigenous/People of Color 
  • American traditional flash
  • Fine art reproductions, especially of woodcuts or etchings, tarot cards, post-modernism, ancient works, and statuary
  • metaphysical subject matter relevant to your practiced faith (i.e.: your sacred symbols engaged in spiritual practice). Especially from the traditions of: tarot, astrology, mythology of your cultural heritage, religious iconography of your faith tradition, etc.