Tattoo Booking & FAQ


Thanks so much for your interest in working together!

(Gallery links below if you need a little more info about my main tattoo offerings):

The projects I am most excited to take on are: traditional Americana, blackwork clouds (curly or crying), tarot-inspired pieces, astrological works, all sorts of things with extra eyes, goth visions, and drawn-on (freehand) work. 🖤♥️

For tattoos under 4” in size please drop by the shop as a walkin and ask for me. More info about walkin tattoo protocols is available on my Instagram story highlight * WALK-IN FAQ * @stacyfevinger , and by calling the studio at 267-606-6567 and listening to our full outbound message. I post my dedicated Walkin Flash Days to my Instagram stories, so please follow there!

For all other inquiries please submit a request via email to , including the following info:

  • subject matter (if requesting flash please include a screenshot from my insta if you know what piece you would like)
  • preferred style
  • black & grey or color
  • budget if you have one
  • approx. size in inches (please measure on your body rather than guessing)!
  • placement
  • Up to 3 reference photos
  • your phone number
  • your preferred name (and/or pronouns) 🖤

Thank you so much for your interest & patience! You will receive a reply within 1-2 weeks. I do my best to respond promptly, but sometimes am not able to get to emails during the week when I am tattooing. Much appreciation for your understanding.

If you have other questions or need pricing info, please see the FAQ below for more info. 


>>> Q: Where Are you located?

A: I work at Eastern Pass Tattoo Co. in the Passyunk neighborhood of South Philadelphia. Our address is:

1625 East Passyunk Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19148

Ph. 267-606-6567

>>> Q: Do you work on weekends?

A: No.

>>> Q: What are the studio’s Covid-19 policies and precautions?

A: As always, we follow universal precautions to maintain a safe and sterile environment for your tattoo. In addition to daily cleaning and adherence to all standard bloodborne pathogens protocols:

  • High contact surfaces are cleaned and disinfected multiple times a day
  • Masking is currently optional in the studio, per local mandates
  • Occupancy and guests are limited
  • Clients and artists are asked to reschedule if they are experiencing sypmtoms of covid-19 or other illness

Please do not plan to get tattooed within two weeks of receiving a vaccination or booster.

>>> Q: When will I see a drawing or sketch/ when will I meet you?

A: I do not offer drawing consultations or send out artwork ahead of appointments. If you don’t feel comfortable getting tattooed without seeing the artwork in advance, I recommend collecting one of my flash designs or working with an artist who guarantees consultations.

If you are collecting flash from my book or from the studio’s collection of traditional Americana, feel free to stop by the shop any time to take a look at available designs. (No photos of artwork, please)!

Drawn-on designs are created directly on your body at your appointment for the most flattering custom fit! You will have the chance to approve the design before starting your tattoo and minor adjustments may be made on the spot as needed.

>>>Q: How will a tattoo look on my skin tone?

A: Beautiful! Follow the gallery links at the top of this page to see examples of my tattoos, or check out more of my work specifically on melanated skin here. 🖤

>>> Q: Do you take appointments for small tattoos? Do you do walk-ins?

A: I do take appointments for small tattoos. Please be advised that my appointment minimum is $300. If you are getting a very small tattoo (under 4″) it may be quicker and less expensive to come as a walk-in. We accept small tattoos for walk-ins seven days a week at Eastern Pass Tattoo Co., as availability allows. Please call the studio at 267-606-6567 and listen to our full outgoing message for details on our walkin policies.

>>> Q: Do you take bookings or give price quotes via Instagram DMs? 

A: No. Please submit an inquiry via email with the information requested above to ensure you are providing all of the info I need in order to consider and price your tattoo.

>>>Q: What do you charge?

A: My appointment minimum for any tattoo is $300 and pricing goes up from there. (Our minimum for walkin tattoos is $100 on the arm or leg).

Single sitting tattoos between 3×5 to 5×7 inches in size are usually priced in the $400-650 range, depending on final size, placement, and complexity. Multi-session pieces are billed hourly at $200 per hour with a two hour minimum per session.

Pricing for all Channeled Tattoos starts at $500 for the first 3 hours with additional time billed at $200 per hour. Followup sessions are priced hourly with a two hour minimum per session.