March 2021 Forecast

March brings a shift in energy, relieving a good deal of the pressure we’ve felt since the start of the year. We got a preview of this month’s emerging tone in the final weeks of February, as the Sun and Venus led the assembly of personal planets out of their pileup in Aquarius, and entered Pisces’ soothing waters.

You may finally be able to focus on other areas of life besides the issues that have been demanding your attention so far in 2021. As Mars and Mercury change signs this month, much of the tension and urgency we’ve been contending with mellows. The personal planets in expansive, heartfelt Pisces start setting the stage for a gentler long-term growth cycle playing out this summer and much of next year. We are invited to locate and align on the subjective, material level with our spiritual values; ultimately, this will enable us to identify and live out our larger role in the communal journey toward integration.

As the planets drift in parade through Pisces, we have greater access to our dreams and creative genius this month. Exalted Venus asks that we explore our pleasures and preferences in feminine flow. While these transits are lush and gorgeous opportunities for spiritual growth, scheduling and fulfilling real-world commitments in this context may be a tricky exercise in balance. Wherever you can, give yourself the cushion of extra time this month; you’ll need it both for accomplish tasks, and for internal processing, as there is a lot of new content to integrate as you update your values and tastes. Mars transiting Gemini with the Sun in Aries will encourage you to take on more, and it may be more than you can actually accomplish. If you give yourself some room for flexibility, you’ll be better equipped to enjoy the flow of this Pisces season while still honoring your commitments.

Keep heart, fellow wanderers! The light is always on its way back around.

Days to Remember:

March 5th: Communication, Clarity, & Luck

March 3rd, 24th: Be (Extra) Patient with Yourself & Others

March 13th (New Moon In Pisces): Reflection & Self-Care

March 11th, 14th, 30th: Give Yourself Extra Time

March 18th: Magic & Channeled Creativity

March 20th (Vernal Equinox), 26th: Celebrate Divine Feminine Leadership

March 28th (Full Moon In Libra): Take Time to Connect & Rebalance